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Terms of cancellation

Legal position concerning the reservation of a hotel room

In case of room  cancellation on short notice, i.e. less than three weeks before arrival,  we are authorized to charge 80 % of the room price to you. However, we will try to rent out the room to another customer to avoid any financial recourse to you.
In this case we would exempt you from any further payment.

1. When a hotel room is reserved, confirmed or made available at short notice, the guest has entered into a legal contract with the proprietor.

2. When the contract is secured, both parties must fulfill the mutual  obligations arising from it for the entire period of the contract.

a. The proprietor must have the room available in accordance with the  reservation.

b. The guest must pay the price for the period for which the hotel room  was reserved.

3. If the guest does not occupy the room, he/she remains legally bound to pay the price for the hotel service agreed upon, regardless of the reason for his/her being prevented. The proprietor must only deduct actual savings.

4. Experience shows that actual savings amount to 20 % of the price  agreed upon.

5. If the proprietor can otherwise rent out the room, the guest will be  exempt from paying the amount retrieved through the new contract.

6. Hotel rooms will be available from no later than 3 p.m. on the day of arrival and must be cleared by 11 a.m. on the agreed day of departure.

7. A silent agreement as to an extended use of the room is explicitly  excluded.

8. The proprietor is entitled to receive cash payment for all services provided prior to the guest’s departure and accordingly has a statutory  lien on the guest’s belongings.

9. The place of jurisdiction is at the seat of the business, since claims resulting from non-occupancy of the room must also be settled at  the seat of the business.

10. Upon request, the guest may leave the luggage in our hotel prior to  the use of the room and also after the check out.


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